Different styles/patterns of tops for women

Hey, all my beautiful ladies! Here is another blog for completing your wardrobe which contains knowledge about different types of the top for women. Let’s deep dive into different styles of top patterns every woman should have depending on the choices, size, time, event, etc.

If you are jeans and tee kind of woman or someone who loves to experiment, you are probably always on the lookout for yet another top to pretty up your outfit, then this is the right place for you.

 Check out this list of the different types of tops for Women and see if you’ve got the essential ones every woman should have in their closet.

Trending Tops for ladies

Crop Top

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This is the most trending top every woman has. Crop tops are for those who want to flaunt their beautiful belly.

These are regular top is cropped or cut short so as to reveal the midriff or stomach.

You can pair a crop top with jeans, skirts, pants, and shorts. A crop top is easy to go wear everyone picks. You can wear it casual outings, college, party wear tops for parties, etc.

Peplum Top

Peplum top
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Peplum top should be your pick if you want to hide your belly fat. This top fits until your waist and is then flared after.

Peplum top looks stylish if you pair it with a perfect bottom.

Tube Top

Tube top
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Tube tops are strapless tight-fitting tops. This top is having an elasticated neckline just above the bust to fin in properly. A tube top is sleeveless and is typically well-fitted and cropped or, at the most, waist-length.

Tube top, named as bandeau top.

You can pair Tubes with mom jeans or baggy jeans with sneakers to give a cool look.

Tank Top

Tank Top
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Tank tops are tight-fitting and are without sleeves. The top is also worn as inner undershirts or sheer tops to complete the look.

Tank tops can also come with extra-thin spaghetti straps and in numerous patterns and colors, so whether you choose to wear them plain or underneath another type of top, they will look and feel great every time.

Sheer Top

Sheer top
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Sheer fabric is fabric which is made of low density of knit and which results in a semi-transparent and flimsy cloth.

Sheer tops are a kind of transparent tops which are worn with inner. The fabric may include Chiffon, net, georgette, and gauze.

Sheer tops can be worn for a party look with some accessories. Also, you can wear it on a sunny day as it makes you feel light and breezy.

Blouson Top

blouson top
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Blouson tops are somewhat similar to balloon pattern tops. Tops loosely fit on the upper body and has a grip or a clinched on the waist area.

Blouson tops looks good with the skinny fit bottoms weather it be denims, cotton trousers, skirts, etc.

Boxy Top

Boxy top
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As the name suggests these tops are somewhat box type. Boxy tops are loose-fitting comfortable tops. These tops are cut in a box shape at the torso, giving the upper body a square shape that goes great with all kinds of outfits and body types.

Boxy tops can be paired with any kind of denims with a sneakers or any pair or shoes.

Bralette Top

Bralette Top
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Bralette top is shorter than a cropped top but slightly longer than a bra. These tops have the thin straps over the shoulder. A bralette top is always above your navel and doesn’t necessarily have lace inserts.

You can pair this top with a loose fit and a tight fit bottoms.

Cape Top

cape top
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Cape tops are one of the great choices. This top has a cape around the neckline until the elbow or even longer.

The cape top is a must try as it is new in fashion and is suitable for all body types!

Maxi/Longline Top

maxi top
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Tops that reach till the ankles. These tops have long slits starting from the knee or up.

It has a slit at one side from your waist to your ankles. It can be sleeveless, full sleeves with variations in neck design as well. This versatile and sassy top will really make heads turn around!

Wrap Top / Surplice Top

wrap top
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Wrap top or Surplice top is a top with one side of the bodice wrapped across the other.

The best way to elevate its look is by pairing it with a mini skirt and white heel shoes!

Smocked Top

Smoked top
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Smocked top are the ones which are completely elastic on the upper part with different pattern of sleeves, length, style, etc.

Smoked tops are the stylish ones with can be paired with any bottoms like denim, saree, skirts, etc

So, here are some of the most trending and stylish looking different types of the top for women.

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