Look stylish without wearing short clothes

Hey ladies, Do you all feel like it’s necessary to wear short clothes to look stylish or I would say skin showing or revealing dresses to look stylish. Then I would like to just say that looking stylish depends on how you carry yourself, your outfit, and not short clothes. There are many ways to look stylish without wearing short clothes.

It’s completely fine if you are not comfortable wearing short dresses and want to look voguish. Classy people not always wear revealing outfits instead they make themselves look stylish in long or full dresses. Those women have that attitude and are confident in whatever they are.

1. Looking stylish doesn’t mean to wear whatever is trending instead create your own trend in your territory.

2. Dress according to your body type.

3. Try experimenting with new outfits to look sassy and not funny.

Here I am sharing a few points/dress ideas to justify the question being asked.

1. A girl can go for a simple blue coloured knee striped skinny jean with a light colored loose casual shirt which can be paired with the cool sneakers and accessorised with a stylish watch and a pair of glasses.

2. A person can go for a 3/4th sleeved maxi dress with small prints on it and a cool belt on it.

3. You can go for a fitted close necked top with a pair of culottes and can accessorize it with a hairband, good earing pair, and a watch.

4. If you want to go for an Indian outfit then an ankle-length palazzo or a pant with a cotton kurti and a dupatta and a pair of mochdi or a jutti with a stylish anklet would work. Wearing a small bhindi and a small pair of earrings and a watch would complete your classy look.

5. A thin-strapped top with a pair of jeggings and a cool long shrug could also look cool and trendy.

6. When in doubt go for a black long dress with a simple neckpiece on it.

What is your outfit idea to look stylish without wearing short clothes? Please share in comment section.


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